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2023 Topps Chrome Grading Special

Cards due to us October 26 for this special


1-9 cards: $11/card

10+ cards: $10/card (personal Topps Chrome order)


Just like other specials, we will have to put all 2023 Topps Chrome cards into orders with only 2023 Topps Chrome cards to get the promotional rate. If you give us as least 10 of them, nobody else's cards will be in that order.


You can ship your 2023 Topps Chrome to us with other cards and put them on the same submission form, but please group them together in your package and on the submission form.


Any 2023 Topps Chrome cards submitted will count toward your total cards subbed for getting lower rates for 50 or more cards subbed for that submission but not toward getting a solo 50 card personal order for regular cards.

2023 Topps Chrome (1-9 cards)