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Find your name and sgc order numbers below

APRIL 2023

We will upload the grades into the Grades folder after picking up the cards from SGC. The scans are uploaded to the Box folder by SGC sometime during/after Post Grading.


To make it easier to find your grades, we created a single folder with the PDFs of the invoices. This folder will be kept up to date, so if your order isn't in here yet, that means your cards haven't been returned yet. Grades will be posted here after your cards are picked up from SGC so that you can see you grades to determine return shipping insurance value.!AqkJ0OSqme5fpX3Kx3bMtmY8fNqr?e=Acu71v



For the Scans folder, it's highly recommended that you download the Box app first, then click on the link. More recent orders are in separate folders for each order, labeled with the order number. SGC will upload your scans here 2-3 days after your cards have moved to the Post Grading stage.


492620 (4/4) 104 cards Mike Burnett Billy Cabell Tim Trunnell Jason Parrish Paul Amorde Adam Kennedy Craig Piaskowski Brian Roth Kevin McKearney Dave Szymusiak (SHIPPED)
492929 (4/4) 103 cards Eric Weisser (SHIPPED)
492946 (4/4) 106 cards Butch Stevens Fred Thomas William Anderson Matt Plummer Kareem Haywood Artie Wright TJ Koerick Colin Josey Jason Olsen Andy Alban (SHIPPED)
492949 (4/4) 103 cards Jason Reisdorfer (SHIPPED)
493118 (4/4) 109 cards Edgar Cordero Casey Shannon Norman Jones Joe Rolston Brent Bonte Tom Fong Charlie Day David Babcock Josh Hall (SHIPPED)
493119 (4/4) 111 cards David Dennis Adam Koch Brian Wisz Ruben Vazquez Duane Morey Gary Regensburger Houston Mercier Dan Zeigler Rick Aldridge Jeff Lapallo Mike Minnick (SHIPPED)
493120 (4/4) 20 Pokemon cards Billy Cabell (SHIPPED)
493123 (4/4) 12 Pokemon cards TJ Koerick Josh Hall Andrea Hurlocker Jason Fuller David Dennis (SHIPPED)
493126 (4/4) 10 Pokemon cards Matt Plummer Larry Rhinehart (SHIPPED)
493127 (4/4) 25 Pokemon cards Thomas Farese (SHIPPED)
494085 (4/6) 1 oversized card Noel Wrye (SHIPPED)
493993 493994 (4/6) 223 cards Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
494069 (4/6) 24 Pokemon cards John Gehrig Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
494088 (4/6) 102 cards Charles Sobotka Randy Brienen John Gehrig (SHIPPED)
494096 (4/6) 110 cards Noel Wrye Charles Sobotka JT Hornbuckle Sam Carlisi Scott Cobb Keith Perry Harvey Scott Bob Cousineau John Francia Matt Getridge (SHIPPED)
495619 (4/7) 3 oversized cards Shep Buckman Jason Morgan (SHIPPED)
495658 (4/7) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Shawn Powell Amado Flores Josh Whitlatch Mike McGarrity Tim Reichard Justin Cianfrocco (SHIPPED)
495662 (4/7) 100 cards Taurian Tanner Duke Puckett Noel Wrye Brian Fix Roger Lewis Spencer Shep Buckman (SHIPPED) 
495665 (4/7) 161 cards Jason Morgan (SHIPPED)
495673 (4/7) 107 cards JT Hornbuckle Raul Felix Alex Freedman Joe McDonnell Paul Tortolini Josh Clayton (SHIPPED)
496112 (4/10) 100 cards Michael Carson Amado Flores Don Milewski Craig Novins Chris Graham Jon Boles Donnie Marquart (SHIPPED)
496129 (4/10) 20 Pokemon cards Taurian Tanner Jonathan Burch (SHIPPED)
496143 (4/10) 109 cards Ken Brower Josh Collins Chris Brown Andrew Deichert (SHIPPED)
496542 (4/11) 103 cards Ian Haas (SHIPPED)
496556 (4/11) 50 Pokemon cards Thomas Biniek (SHIPPED)
496561 (4/11) 21 Pokemon cards Josh Pressler (SHIPPED) 
496565 (4/11) 108 cards Marc Sonnabend Andy Milano Jonathan Burch Samuel Aronoff Thomas Biniek John Updegraff Ray Cornwell (SHIPPED)
496588 (4/11) 106 cards JT Hornbuckle Kenneth Golley Joel Mills Barry Griffin Erik Amos Rick Goates Jeff Lapallo (SHIPPED)
497321 (4/11) 10 Pokemon cards Kaleb Higdon (SHIPPED)
497432 (4/11) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Brian Joyce Dan Zeigler Liam O'Brien Kaleb Higdon JT Hornbuckle Nick Ottoy (SHIPPED)
497840 (4/12) 103 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED) 
497869 (4/12) 103 cards William George Phil Chastenay Max Jackson Josh Watts Carl Poff David Kohlmeier Kent Meier Jon Svobodny Steve Brandwene Eddie Silva Bill Jones (SHIPPED)
498330 (4/13) 94 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED) 
498331 (4/13) 9 oversized cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)
498335 (4/13) 100 cards Frantz Schlottman Charles Sobotka Kyle Nash Chris Brown Alex Gonzalez (SHIPPED) 
498348 (4/13) 103 cards Charles Sobotka Stephen Holtzin Derrick Cantrell Philip Tirelli Robin Jones Scott Cobb Matt Shaver John Perrotti Steve Thompson (SHIPPED)
498710 (4/14) 104 cards Josh Hunter Kyle Doblar Michael Carson  David Spinrad Dave Snyder Doug Mann Archie Simpson Pete Hatcher Jason Adam John Gehrig (SHIPPED) 
498715 (4/14) 101 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED)
498736 (4/14) 107 cards Paul Amorde Jason Wilson Mark Hartsfield Todd Smith Darryl Fischbeck Stephen Ramos (SHIPPED)
498738 (4/14) 26 Pokemon cards John Gehrig Jeremy Cannon (SHIPPED)
498739 (4/14) 20 Pokemon cards Jason Wilson (SHIPPED)
498744 (4/14) 19 Pokemon cards Robert Miller Kyle Doblar Jason Fuller (SHIPPED)
499141 (4/17) 104 cards Brian Dillingham Robert Miller Wyat Zollo Mark Devriendt Mike Mesko Jr. Alex Hume (SHIPPED) 
499157 (4/17) 99 cards Ashish Jai (SHIPPED)
499507 (4/18) 101 cards Brian Gincel (SHIPPED)
499524 (4/18) 102 cards Patrick Deloach Collin Josey Nathan Reavis (SHIPPED)
499526 (4/18) 103 cards Jason Reisdorfer (SHIPPED)
499529 (4/18) 18 Pokemon cards Jose Rivera (SHIPPED)
499531 (4/18) 20 Pokemon cards Eric McGarr (SHIPPED)
499560 (4/18) Porter Stiles Craig Radford (SHIPPED)
499561 (4/18) 1 oversized card Craig Radford (SHIPPED)
499580 (4/18) 110 cards Scott Young Brian Roth Mike Rotolo Charles Mastro Anthony Biviano James Houston Josh Shupe Ryan Bugay David Yoken Cole Benz Nick Taylor Jerremy Jessup (SHIPPED)
499581 (4/18) 16 Pokemon cards Lautaro Cataldo (SHIPPED)
500336 (4/18) 115 cards Marty Mccall (SHIPPED)
500350 (4/18) 111 cards Mike Yeles (SHIPPED)
500351 (4/18) 112 cards Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
500352 (4/18) 157 cards Ray Aukes (SHIPPED)
500359 (4/18) 2 oversized cards Mike Yeles (SHIPPED)
500394 (4/18) 1 oversized card Ben Gfrorer (SHIPPED)
500398 (4/18) 109 cards Josh Goldman Charles Sobotka John Francia Ben Gfrorer Darcy Neufeld Taurian Tanner Paul Pesce Scott Bacek Stephen Osiecki Scott Young Josh Collins Mike Minnick (SHIPPED)
500399 (4/18) 21 Pokemon cards Taurian Tanner Jeremy Jessup Charles Sobotka Jeremy Cannon Travis Paul Johnathan Pierpoint (SHIPPED)
501251 (4/20) 111 cards Josh Schneider Christopher Warner Chad Childress John Stewart David Babcock Zachary Shea Kyle Rapoza Johnathan Pierpoint Eddie Clinton (SHIPPED)
501263 (4/20) 104 cards Greg Bickta Wayne Chan Todd Monte (SHIPPED)
501264 (4/20) 14 Pokemon cards Eddie Clinton John Gehrig (SHIPPED)
501277 (4/20) 101 cards Shawn Powell John Gehrig Don Bross Brett Schneider Edmando Pompa (SHIPPED)
501278 (4/20) 107 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED)
501669 (4/21) 1 oversized cards William Anderson (SHIPPED)
501693 (4/21) 102 cards Jayson Dickerman Charles Sobotka Leo Capacillo Brian Shay (SHIPPED)
501717 (4/21) 100 cards Marek Keram Steve Sternfeld William Anderson Randy Paulson (SHIPPED)
501748 (4/21) 102 cards Michael Moehle (SHIPPED)
501753 (4/21) 101 cards Matthew Templeton Mike Mike E Mccullough Walker Evans Jeff Lapallo Matthew Toman Andrew Evenson (SHIPPED)
502107 (4/24) 100 cards Ricky Mangual Paul Amorde William Anderson Douglas Gauthier Paul Anthony Joseph Young Eric Pallotto Roger Neubauer Brandon Kee Billy Cabell (SHIPPED)
502112 (4/24) 1 oversized card John Francia (POST GRADING)
502117 (4/24) 101 cards Matthew Mishanie Ron Alexander Brians Juris John Francia Sean Hawkins Jason Boudinot David Dennis (SHIPPED)
502134 (4/24) 97 cards Nathan Reavis Paul Roberts Josh Bowersock (SHIPPED)
503313 (4/25) 105 cards Michael Carson Christopher Lewis Terry Boes Kent Meier Ray Cornwell Abraham Snow Mike Gensmer Thomas Vanblargan (SHIPPED)
503374 (4/25) 10 Pokemon cards Jason Fuller Charles Sobotka David Dennis Shawn Fuhrman (SHIPPED)
503375 (4/25) 100 cards Anthony Biviano Charles Sobotka Mark Berman Robin Jones Pete Southall Shawn Fuhrman Ray Cooper (SHIPPED)
503376 (4/25) 88 cards Clay Winn Andrew Picchioni Norman Jones Brandon Bate Shane Wilder Casey O'Brien (SHIPPED)
503746 (4/26) 103 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)
504195 (4/27) 103 cards Josh Collins John Gehrig Dave Snyder Dylan Rodas Herb Watson Omar Abbas Jay Scott Amado Flores Richard Snyder (SHIPPED)
504720 (4/28) 20 Pokemon cards John Gehrig Edmando Pompa Javier Perez Tim Trunnell (SHIPPED)
504735 (4/28) Anthony Russell Mike Mesko Noel Wrye Mike Donohue Gary Yone Edmando Pompa Todd Mora James McLarnon Aaron Priddy Tim Trunnell Bryce Joyner Brian Fish Ryan Hendricks Collin Josey Paul Amorde Jeremee Newberry (SHIPPED)
505178 (5/1) 103 cards Joel Tuoni Steve Franco Kevin Oosterhouse Andrew Smither Robin Jones Landon Hardy Ethan Oringel David Larson Jamil Malik (SHIPPED)
505207 (5/1) 43 Bowman cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

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