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Submitting with Boca Raton SGC Card Grading Submissions is easy. Simply print and fill out the form below. Please see the submission guidelines below before you submit! Thank you for choosing us!

1. Download Adobe Reader here:  

2. Download the submission form.

3. Open the submission form from Reader.


This will work on both computers and mobile devices.

For the Excel version of the submission form, please download from this folder:!AqkJ0OSqme5f9jl7c_5t3rd2oEDS?e=FKSvXg

Pricing Tiers

Submission guidelines

1) Print and fill out the SUBMISSION FORM completely. Be sure to fill in all applicable information so that we can stay organized and get your cards back to you as soon as possible! Any missing information could cause your submission to be delayed.


2) If you need an Excel file of the SGC submission form, download it from the folder:!AqkJ0OSqme5f9jl7c_5t3rd2oEDS?e=GuxsAU

3) Package your cards carefully and be sure all cards are individually loaded in semi-rigid holders. 

4) Ship your cards to:


Eric Drew

1279 W. Palmetto Park Road

P.O. Box 273946

Boca Raton, FL 33427

Fed Ex & UPS:

Eric Drew

1279 W. Palmetto Park Road #273946

Boca Raton, FL 33427

5) When your submission is received you will be notified and given an SGC submission number, and a link that shows proof of your cards and payment. 

6) Pay for your submission on the PAYMENTS page.

7) You can keep track of all orders on the dropdown of our ORDERS page and also our FACEBOOK PAGE. Your submission number will be listed on the post that lists the month your cards were submitted with your first and last name. There you will also find links to your grades and your scans once those steps have been uploaded. 

***Semi-rigid holders will be shipped back to you with your graded cards***

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