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important info on your subs


To make it easier to find your grades. I created a single folder with the PDFs of the invoices. This folder will be kept up to date, so if your order isn't in here yet, that means your cards haven't been returned yet. Grades will be posted here after your cards are picked up from SGC so that you can see you grades to determine return shipping insurance value.!AqkJ0OSqme5fpX3Kx3bMtmY8fNqr?e=Acu71v


For the Scans folder, it's highly recommended that you download the Box app first, then click on the link. More recent orders are in separate folders for each order, labeled with the order number. SGC will upload your scans here 2-3 days after your cards have moved to the Post Grading stage (the folder currently isn't working on mobile devices but is working on laptops/desktops).


The dates associated with your subs are in accordance to when they were entered into SGC's system, normally the next business day after they're dropped off. 

You'll be able to use the Order # to find your grades and scans in those folders, linked above.

I will upload the grades into the folder after picking up the cards from SGC. The scans are uploaded to the Box folder by SGC sometime during/after Post Grading.

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