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Find your name and sgc order numbers below

february 2023

We will upload the grades into the Grades folder after picking up the cards from SGC. The scans are uploaded to the Box folder by SGC sometime during/after Post Grading.


To make it easier to find your grades, we created a single folder with the PDFs of the invoices. This folder will be kept up to date, so if your order isn't in here yet, that means your cards haven't been returned yet. Grades will be posted here after your cards are picked up from SGC so that you can see you grades to determine return shipping insurance value.!AqkJ0OSqme5fpX3Kx3bMtmY8fNqr?e=Acu71v



For the Scans folder, it's highly recommended that you download the Box app first, then click on the link. More recent orders are in separate folders for each order, labeled with the order number. SGC will upload your scans here 2-3 days after your cards have moved to the Post Grading stage.


The dates shown below are when they were entered into SGC's system, normally the next business normally one business day after they're dropped off.  You'll be able to use the Order # to find your grades and scans in those folders.

451151 (2/2) 51 Pokemon cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)
451153 (2/2) 1 card Howard Warren (SHIPPED)
451163 (2/2) 112 cards Howard Warren (SHIPPED)
451222 (2/2) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Shawn Powell Roger Neubauer Kenny Lim Jose Cruz Michael Kotary Greg Saraiva Philip Tirelli Steve Sternfeld Lisa Querido (SHIPPED)
451231 (2/2) 100 cards Tony Fuentes Charles Sobotka Chris Greatens David Booker (SHIPPED)
451232 (2/2) 100 cards Joe Geiger John Gehrig (SHIPPED)
451269 (2/2) 99 cards Andy Alban Charles Sobotka Frank Nelson Joel Tuoni Josh Clayton (SHIPPED)
451733 (2/3) 60 cards Brock Ruma (SHIPPED)
451749 (2/3) 104 cards Ben Ivanowski (SHIPPED)
451786 (2/3) 101 cards Charles Sobotka Nate Cleary Stephen Baker Jay Scott Matthew Waldron William Smith Fishe Norris Jeff Lapallo (SHIPPED)
451792 (2/3) 10 Pokemon cards Kenny Lim Nate Cleary Keith Perry Chris Greatens Tyler Coleman (SHIPPED)
451863 (2/3) 100 cards Brian Fish Casey Shannon Jeffrey Paquin Brett Bednar Antonio Emilio Daniele III (SHIPPED)
452176 (2/6) 103 cards Yan Dekhtyar (SHIPPED)
452222 (2/6) 9 Pokemon cards Chris Garza (SHIPPED)
452246 (2/6) 90 cards Jon Svobodny James Martin Jeremy Friedland Greg Bickta Brian Dillingham Duke Puckett Tyler Coleman Mike Mesko Tom Tom DeClue Jon Field Nathaniel Festus Reigle Paul Tortolini (SHIPPED)
452638 (2/7) 125 cards Adrian Fong (SHIPPED)
453032 (2/7) 200 cards Brad Griffin (SHIPPED)
453034 (2/7) 54 Pokemon cards Thomas Biniek (SHIPPED)
453036 (2/7) 12 Pokemon cards Noel Correia (SHIPPED)
453239 (2/7) 100 cards Timothy Smith Clay Hensley Shinichi Ishida Noel Correia Ian Brown Clint Langman Derrick Cantrell (SHIPPED)
453242 (2/7) 105 cards Nick Ottoy Josh Hall Craig Radford Thomas Biniek Jeremy Byers Michael Goodman Harry Lampley Brian Roth Bill Felkner Daniel Kuramoto (SHIPPED)
453567 (2/7) 103 cards Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
453575 (2/7) 147 cards Jason Morgan (SHIPPED)
453639 (2/7) 10 Pokemon cards Charles Sobotka Chris Piney James Turner Mike Yeles (SHIPPED)
453641 (2/7) 13 Pokemon cards Logan Kern Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
453649 (2/7) 104 cards Charles Sobotka Logan Kern Josh Collins Mike Yeles John Cooper Shawn Hippey John Garbroth Tony Jones Andrew Picchioni Anthony Biviano (SHIPPED)
453736 (2/7) 101 cards Mike McCullough Matt Doddridge Jeffery Lapallo Jeffrey Mayo-Yurek Bill Jones (SHIPPED)
454133 (2/8) 114 cards Jimmy McCord Shane Gardner Sean Burke Brian Helwig Kyle Rapoza Abraham Snow Chris Riney Paul Amorde Harvey Scottfamilyenterprises Scott Dylan DelMastro Barry Griffin Nick Egnatz David Trianni Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
454652 (2/9) 121 cards Mike Black (SHIPPED)
454653 (2/9) 149 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)
454656 (2/9) 21 Pokemon cards Mike Black Jimmy McCord (SHIPPED)
454678 (2/9) 33 Pokemon cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)
454712 (2/9) 101 cards Daniel Huffer  Steven Mchone Shawn Powell John Stewart Ryan Bugay John Gehrig Casey O'Brien Chuck Lande Gene Napolitano (SHIPPED)
455210 (2/10) 106 cards Jim Parker (SHIPPED)
455212 (2/10) 101 cards Charles Sobotka John DeFilip Paul Amorde Richard Garcia Ezra Martin John Gehrig (SHIPPED)
455222 (2/10) 101 cards Hayes Venable John Francia Scott Young Benjamin Poole (SHIPPED)
455245 (2/10) 101 cards Zac Hileman Pete Hatcher Mike Williams  Stephen Baker Jack Morris (SHIPPED)
455606 (2/13) 106 cards Donnie Marquart Mike Mick Z'azworsky (SHIPPED)
455629 (2/13) 12 Pokemon cards Nathan Christianson John Gehrig Donnie Marquart  Mick Z'azworsky (SHIPPED)
455634 (2/13) 15 Pokemon cards Dave Robbins Matthew Ingram Eric Mcgarr (SHIPPED)
455643 (2/13) 106 cards Eric Drew Eric McGarr Erik Amos Taurian Tanner Dave Henshaw Aaron Priddy Mike Mike McGarrity Tim Hyden Nathan Christianson Nate Spinks Chris Fernandez Derrick Garceau Michael Ozorowsky Philip Tirelli Greg Larioni Marshall Hansen (SHIPPED)
455647 (2/13) 103 cards Jason Reisdorfer (SHIPPED)
456948 (2/14) 100 cards Robin Jones Steve Leiner Timm Seedorf Andy Cochran Matthew Ingram David Bonds Jason Parrish Darryl Fischbeck Nathan Reavis (SHIPPED)
456953 (2/14) 14 Pokemon cards Jason Fuller Jered Johnston Jason Parrish (SHIPPED)
456959 (2/14) 19 Pokemon cards Sigi Arballo (SHIPPED)
457019 (2/14) 100 cards Ryan Brossart Jason MacDonald Ricky Mangual Michael Kotary Zachary Woodson Anthony Bash Shawn Finney Andrew Logan Mike Mesko Tim Hyden TJ Koerick (SHIPPED)
457045 (2/14) 103 cards Brad Truckenbrod Jay Scott Jason Johnson Houston Mercier Dave Robbins Richie Dinwiddie Chris Wise (SHIPPED)
457506 (2/15) 103 cards Jeff Lapallo Jason Johnson Andy Damato Michael Klaff Steve Thompson Chris Sowa (SHIPPED)
457912 (2/16) 100 cards Sigi Arballo Benjamin Ben Corsi Tony Jones Harry Harry Lee Fint II Chris Wilson Todd Persenico John Ruzicka Jason Fujioka Don Milewski Paul Tortolini (SHIPPED)
457985 (2/16) 100 cards Charles Sobotka John Gehrig Herb Watson Matthew Mishanie Matt Cullen (SHIPPED)
458000 (2/16) 26 Pokemon cards John Gehrig Josh Lawson (SHIPPED)
458009 (2/16) 100 cards Kevin Smith Darin Morris Charles Sobotka Josh Lawson (SHIPPED)
458652 (2/17) 21 Pokemon cards Courtney Queen Andrew Logan (SHIPPED)
458658 (2/17) 104 cards Marek Keram Jayson Dickerman Ron Dinger Michael Olmstead Jr Joe Rolston (SHIPPED)
459488 (2/20) 100 cards Steve Loff Artie Wright Scott Young Darryl Fischbeck Taurian Tanner Ricky Mangual Greg Bickta Jerry Collis John Perrotti Jeff Lapallo (SHIPPED)
459521 (2/20) 102 cards Jason Adam Alton Smith Charles Sobotka Joe Bronx Cole Benz Courtney Queen Kyle Campbell Stephen Baker Marc Noel Brad Truckenbrod Pasquale LaCorte Paul Paul Edward Amorde Jeremiah Ahrens (SHIPPED)
459600 (2/20) 100 cards Philip Philip 'Pip' Knight Tim Bell Luke Kewls Jakob Stockton Casey Shannon Joshua Leonard Randy Paulson (SHIPPED)
459611 (2/20) 10 Topps 2023 John Gehrig Artie Wright (SHIPPED)
460195 (2/21) 104 Ryan Bugay Bryan Maier  cards National Artifacts Jay Scott Anthony Biviano (SHIPPED)
461227 (2/21) 101 cards Chad Hartman Brian Helwig Brian Dalrymple Mike Minnick (SHIPPED)
461229 (2/21) 14 Pokemon cards Jon Kent  Wil Zehr Timothy Bell Pasquale Chip LaCorte (SHIPPED)
461611 (2/21) 100 cards Eric Drew Trey Sayers Justin Dickerson Michael Goodman Dave Szymusiak James Giuffrida Tyler Coleman Greg Rosen (SHIPPED)
462359 (2/22) 103 cards Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
462433 (2/22) 15 Topps series 1 Billy Duke (SHIPPED)
462477 (2/22) 10 Pokemon cards  Jason Redshaw Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)
462479 (2/22) 10 Pokemon cards Kyle Wilderman Charles Sobotka Jason Lietaert (SHIPPED)
462482 (2/22) 10 Topps Series 1 Rob Rybicki (SHIPPED)
462484 (2/22) 13 Topps Series 1 Eric Pallotto (SHIPPED)
462485 (2/22) 103 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED)
462495 462498 (2/22) 225 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)
462508 (2/22) 101 cards Charles Sobotka Jeff Baker Tony Jones Billy Duke Eric Pallotto Robert Rybicki Andrew Kleinman Scott Martin Jason Lietaert (SHIPPED)
462629 (2/22) 100 cards Steve Sternfeld Craig Orvieto Steve Cieliesz Barry Griffin Joshua Hillman Jay Jaworski Jason Redshaw Joshua Whitlatch Court Gebeau Jon Oliver Andy Milano Ray Schlissler (SHIPPED)
464008 (2/24) 10 Topps Series 1 Charles Sobotka  (SHIPPED)
464009 (2/24) 10 Topps series 1 Kenny Liao  (SHIPPED)
464011 (2/24) 34 Topps Series 1 John Gehrig  (SHIPPED)
464020 (2/24) 13 Pokemon cards John Gehrig Tommy Zuranski (SHIPPED)
464021 (2/24) 15 Pokemon cards Giovanni Ruiz  (SHIPPED)
464037 (2/24) 32 Pokemon cards Daniel Kuramoto  (SHIPPED)
464063 (2/24) 103 cards Jason Reisdorfer  (SHIPPED)
464088 (2/24) 101 cards Jason Morgan Dan Zeigler Charles Sobotka Peter Carrington Sean Hawkins Ron Alexander Ernesto Fernandez Mike Gensmer Russell McAleavey Andrew Logan Phillip Murray  (SHIPPED)
464136 (2/24) 100 cards Daniel Kuramoto Mark Power Matt Shaver John Gehrig  (SHIPPED)
464844 (2/27) 100 cards Noel Correia John Francia Antonios Romniou (SHIPPED)
464845 (2/27) 13 Topps cards Jonh Burley  (SHIPPED)
464866 (2/27) 20 Pokemon cards Noel Correia (SHIPPED)
464870 (2/27) 21 Pokemon cards Scott Tulloch Jeremy Cannon Larry Escolana (SHIPPED)
464875 (2/27) 17 Pokemon cards Courtney Queen Anthony Marocco (SHIPPED)
464978 (2/27) 107 cards Anthony Marocco Greg Bickta John Rossi Jack DeFillip Larry Escalona Charles Phelps (SHIPPED)
464986 (2/27) 109 cards Kyle Doblar Harvey Scott Scott Tulloch Joel Tuoni Brian Fish Andy Doll Jared Moore Ben Fahr Charlie Day Eric Stahl (SHIPPED)
465622 (2/28) 103 cards Ian Haas (SHIPPED)
465688 (2/28) 10 Topps Series Timothy Bell (SHIPPED)
465692 (2/28) 18 Pokemon cards Mathew Ingram Joel Tuoni Kyle Doblar Raul Felix (SHIPPED)
465693 (2/28) 20 Pokemon cards Billy Cabell Tim Bell (SHIPPED)
465695 (2/28) 106 cards Travis Downey Adam Woodard Fabian Weltzer Michael Carson Andrew Deichert David Gonos Brett Snodgrass Matt Perdue Marc Sonnabend Morgan Farl Anthony Biviano Michael Ozorowsky Raul Felix (SHIPPED)
466416 (2/28) 162 cards Joe Kunsch (SHIPPED)
467234 467235 (2/28) 236 cards Dean Irwin (SHIPPED)
467257 (2/28) 106 cards Dave Babcock Tim Bell Matt Felumlee Alex Freedman Bob Cousineau Jeff Lapallo (SHIPPED)
467258 (2/28) 1 oversized card Matt Felumlee (SHIPPED)
467275 (2/28) 100 cards Joel Boogher Chad Wamsley Scott Young Don Milewski Jeremy Byers Robin Jones (SHIPPED)
467310 (2/28) 13 Topps  cards Jeff Lapallo (SHIPPED)
467312 (2/28) 15 Topps cards Ron Alexander (SHIPPED)
467333 (2/28) 22 Topps cards Josh Collins (SHIPPED)
467346 (2/28) 104 cards Jeff Lapallo Peter Carrington Darryl Fischbeck Rayond Cordwell Steven Sadler Abraham Snow Aaron Klug Rock Becker Carl Poff (SHIPPED)
468180 (3/1) 101 cards Gregory Hood Dan Zeigler Wayne Chan William Anderson Max Jackson Keith Perry Billy Hester Paul Anthony Zac Hileman (SHIPPED)
468196 (3/1) 11 Pokemon cards Ed Meador Matt Felumlee Jacob Ralleschi (SHIPPED)

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