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Find your name and sgc order numbers below


We will upload the grades into the Grades folder after picking up the cards from SGC. The scans are uploaded to the Box folder by SGC sometime during/after Post Grading.

To make it easier to find your grades. I created a single folder with the PDFs of the invoices. This folder will be kept up to date, so if your order isn't in here yet, that means your cards haven't been returned yet. Grades will be posted here after your cards are picked up from SGC so that you can see you grades to determine return shipping insurance value.!AqkJ0OSqme5fpX3Kx3bMtmY8fNqr?e=Acu71v


For the Scans folder, it's highly recommended that you download the Box app first, then click on the link. More recent orders are in separate folders for each order, labeled with the order number. SGC will upload your scans here 2-3 days after your cards have moved to the Post Grading stage.

The dates shown below are when they were entered into SGC's system, normally the next business normally one business day after they're dropped off.  You'll be able to use the Order # to find your grades and scans in those folders.


434908 (1/4) 101 cards Jay Miller Charles Sobotka Jason Kessler Cole Benz Chris Bussi Jeff Lapallo Jake McLaughlin Steven Young Matt Matthew Knasick Ron Rood Ryan Wheeler Clay Winn (SHIPPED)

434930 (1/4) 103 cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

436952 (1/4) 100 cards Paul Amorde Dylan Rodas Nick Allen Clay Hensley Shinichi Ishida Shawn Powell Steve Cieliesz Aaron Gernold Steven Torres Jeremy Byers Dave Szymusiak Ed Gaile Brian Roth Robin Jones Kent Meier Anthony Biviano Brandon Czajkowski Rob Everitt Josh Shupe Ashish Jai Christopher Warner (SHIPPED)

437068 (1/4) 100 cards Omar Crespo Mathieu Lacharite Jeffrey Paquin John Bongiorno Martin Sullivan Tim Trunnell Cody Marsh Ray Schlissler JT Hornbuckle Kent Meier (SHIPPED)

437117 (1/4) 101 cards Wally Harris Sean Hawkins Jonathan Lemon Jason Fulle Greg Saraiva Randy Paulson Brandon Brandonn Pfister (SHIPPED)

437122 (1/4) 50 cards John Francia (SHIPPED)

437131 437132 (1/4) 200 cards Dean Irwin (SHIPPED)

437575 (1/5) 101 cards Christopher Firth Charles Sobotka Scott Bacek Pete Hatcher Mike McCullough Butch Stevens Tony Jones Brian Gee Germinara Jeremy Friedland Matt Cronin Jesse Denier Ricky Mangual (SHIPPED)

438075 (1/6) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Matthew Altman John Shelton Josh Collins Philip Tirelli George Newbern Brett Hallimore John Siedel Darcy Neufel Jerry Chia (SHIPPED)

438496 (1/9) 100 cards Tyler Coleman Shawn Powell Tim Hyden Randy Brienen Richard O'Leary Johnatan Pierpoint Brent Olson (SHIPPED)

438504 (1/9) 100 cards Duke Puckett Don Milewski Shay Fishman Ron Vosburg Colter Wood (SHIPPED)

438547 (1/9) 100 cards Jason Morgan Anthony Biviano Mike Black Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

438585 439785 (1/9) 100 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)

438918 (1/10) 103 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED)

439337 (1/10) 104 cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

439339 (1/10) 105 cards Matthew Templeton (SHIPPED)

439626 (1/10) 100 cards Steve Ahrendsen Charles Sobotka Anthony Germinara Jordan Reicher Mike Rotolo Nicholas Leugers Sean Allstot Brian Roth Nate Williamson (SHIPPED)

439680 (1/10) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Marc Noel Bryce McKenzie JR Koeijmans Paul Tortolini Chris Wilson William Smith (SHIPPED)

439714 (1/10) 102 cards Sean Abrams Ryan Pace Jeremy Montgomery Jeremy Friedland Anthony Cummings Mark Kalish Jeff Lapallo Thomas Farese Douglas Gauthier Gary Finley (SHIPPED)

439745 (1/10) 101 cards Jay Scott Jose Salguero Robert Miller Mathew Ingram John Cooper Joey Harold Charles Phelps Matthew Mishanie Aaron Gernold Jason Kessler Nick Taylor (SHIPPED)

440204 (1/11) 100 cards Jay Kaplan Charles Sobotka Bryan Lynch Matt DeHaven Jaron Christianson Albert Lizmi Brian Fish (SHIPPED)

440205 (1/11) 100 cards Ross Sanders Paul Amorde Bill Bradley Shawn Fuhrman Pete Hatcher Charles Sobotka Hagen Miller (SHIPPED)

440659 (1/12) 100 cards Ryan Bobowsky Nathan Christianson Tony Fuentes Archie Simpson Ricky Rosenberg Daniel Kuramoto Ron Huiss Ryan Jewell James Shiflett Tony Jones (SHIPPED)

440682 (1/12) 128 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)

440683 (1/12) 101 cards John Shelton Ed Gaile Tom Liberton Bob Cousineau Josh Collins Wally Harris (SHIPPED)

441014 (1/13) 100 cards Matthew Bryan Ronald Alameda Nathan Reavis Andrew Deichert Ricky Mangual John Burcin Chris Sowa (SHIPPED)

441028 (1/13) 3 oversized cards Joel Tuoni (SHIPPED)

441031 (1/13) 100 cards Tom Cercek Donnie Marquart Casey O'Brien Jason Morgan Joel Tuoni (SHIPPED)

441458 (1/16) 100 cards Chris Sfikas Shane Gardner Mike Minnick Jeff Lapallo John Gehrig Eddie McGrail (SHIPPED)

441558 (1/16) 102 cards Porter Stiles Dylan Rodas John Francia (SHIPPED)

441562 (1/16) 110 cards Matt Shaver Dan Pollema Rickyg Merengue (SHIPPED)

441569 (1/16) 114 cards William George Tim Oliver Bob Root Anthony Russell Barry McCoy Michael Ozorowsky Jeff Lapallo Raymond Ching (SHIPPED)

442770 (1/17) 100 cards Josh Bowersock Patrick Deloach Eric Wagemaker Charlie Day Jeremiah Ahrens Noel Correia Roger Fleener (SHIPPED)

442771 (1/17) 100 cards Joel Meyers Neal White Matt Perdue Zachary Woodson Justin James Dickerson Neil Price Cole Benz (SHIPPED)

443215 (1/18) 105 cards Jason Reisdorfer (SHIPPED)

443216 (1/18) 106 cards Patrick Graves Carlos Fernandez Dylan DelMastro Paul Herbener Ricky Mangual (SHIPPED)

443238 (1/18) 100 cards Dave Henshaw Tim Hyden Erik Greissinger Wayne Chen Michael McLaughlin Gary Finley David Bonds Morgan Butler Anthony Biviano Jeremy Friedland Josh Collins Jeffery Lapallo Jason Fujioka (SHIPPED)

443243 (1/18) 101 cards Charles Sobotka Billy Hester Chad Himel Adam Meintzer Andrew Victor Paul Amorde Sean Burke Steven Torres Mike Neubauer Zac Hileman Nick Ottoy Josh Lawson Gregory Kindlain (SHIPPED)

443732 (1/19) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Stephen Holtzin Michael Pavlou Jake McLaughlin Eric Sheehan Benjamin Grande Travis Craig Marek Karem (SHIPPED)

443733 (1/19) 103 cards Justin Parker (SHIPPED)

444333 (1/20) 105 cards John Gehrig Chris Riney Jason C Jay Scott Mike Mesko Allen Junod (SHIPPED)

444349 (1/20) 11 Pokemon John Gehrig Chris Riney (SHIPPED)

444853 (1/23) 104 cards Frank Pizziketti Jordan Lewis Duke Puckett John Wilkins Chris Rotundo David Hatcher (SHIPPED)

444890 (1/23) 10 Pokemon Jason Fuller (SHIPPED)

444900 (1/23) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Richard Garcia Paul Anthony Greg Miller Scott Polin Philip Tirelli Jeffrey Riesenfeld (SHIPPED)

444902 (1/23) 10 Pokemon Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

444943 (1/23) 104 cards Tom Stahl John Francia Nathaniel Reigle Frank Chuang Trevor Morgan Eric Drew Brian Shay (SHIPPED)

444953 (1/23) 103 cards Steven Torres Eddie Silva Rai Masuda Ryan Bugay John Rossi Robin Jones Box Seat Cards Noel Wrye (SHIPPED)

445297 (1/24) 103 cards Ian Haas (SHIPPED)

445310 (1/24) 100 cards James Lecce Michael Goodman Taurian Tanner Bob Cousineau Brian Gee (SHIPPED)

445324 (1/24) 107 cards John Bongiorno Charles Sobotka Kennethe Wartenbee Abraham Snow Brad Kavetski Greg Larioni Nick Taylor Keith Currens (SHIPPED)

446297 (1/24) 100 cards Erik Hines Zac Plummer Dylan Rodas Eric Wagenmaker John Walker Shawn Hayes (SHIPPED)

446374 (1/24) 102 cards Michael Rogers William Rich Eric Wagenmaker Sean Burke Michael Warner Jordan Richard (SHIPPED)

446409 (1/24) 111 cards Noah Krumenauer Steve Franco Shinichi Ishida Mike Guidry Nick Ottoy Aaron Priddy Scott Tanner (SHIPPED)

446609 (1/24) 12 Pokemon Jordan Richard Jason Parrish Ben Adrien (POST GRADING)

446987 (1/25) 128 cards Mark Zyla (SHIPPED)

446995 (1/25) 100 cards Chris Decrane Anthony Ciccarelli Butch Stevens Paul Amorde Josh Collins Anthony Biviano Justin James Dickerson Justin Farber Phil Chastenay (SHIPPED)

447002 (1/25) 125 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)

447444 (1/26) 42 Pokemon cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

447461 (1/26) 11 Pokemon cards Jason Lietaert Mark Kalish Erik Bryant Aaron Ransdell (SHIPPED)

447467 (1/26) 100 cards Dennis Benavides (SHIPPED)

447469 (1/26) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Mike Gersh Erik Bryant Shawn Powell Michael Carson Jason Lietaert Steve Leiner Mark Kalish Nick Cameron Leslie Southall (SHIPPED)

447474 (1/26) 103 cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

447485 (1/26) 102 cards John Siedel Matthew Coletta Keith Perry Jason Parrish Jim Sells Matthew Mishanie Anthony Germinara Ryan Pace Eric Sheehan Dave Szymusiak Bob Cousineau David Mortensen (SHIPPED)

447523 (1/26) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Chris Hamilton Brandon Kee Bryan Joyce (SHIPPED)

447946 (1/27) 103 cards Ben Fahr (SHIPPED)

447960 (1/27) 20 Pokemon cards Gregory Hood (SHIPPED)

447977 (1/27) 14 Pokemon cards John Updegraff Ronald Alameda Daniel Kuramoto (SHIPPED)

447990 (1/27) 105 cards Shawn Hayes Michael Browne John Updegraff Edwardo Abadsantos Ronald Alameda Gregory Hood Aaron Gernold (SHIPPED)

447991 (1/27) 13 Pokemon cards John Lancsak (SHIPPED)

448506 (1/30) 100 cards John Burcin Charles Sobotka Pete Hatcher Omar Crespo Cole Benz Jay Scott Matt Morford Daniel Kuramoto William Smith Charlie Day Brad Truckenbrod Brett Garden Eric Pallotto ((SHIPPED)

448507 (1/30) 120 cards Brian Gincel (SHIPPED)

448542 (1/30) 101 cards Mike McGarrity Michael Ozorowsky Jason Joyce Albert Lizmi Gary Hill Ricky Mangual Jeff Lapallo (SHIPPED)

448544 (1/30) 19 Pokemon cards Bryan Gincel Matt Morford Omar Crespo Brad Oehme Timothy Bell (SHIPPED)

448559 (1/30) 101 cards Timothy Bell Darcy Neufeld Mike Deane (SHIPPED)

449852 (1/31) 100 cards Jess Deveney Robin Jones Tim Oliver Bill Mosher (SHIPPED)

449865 (1/31) 12 Pokemon cards John Caruso (SHIPPED)

449884 (1/31) 102 cards John Caruso Gary Yone Mickey Kozicki Brian Sauer (SHIPPED)

449892 (1/31) 104 cards Nathan Reavis James Giuffrida Jason Fujioka Randy Paulson Josh Collins Jeremiah Harwell David Myers Zac Hileman (SHIPPED)

450024 (1/31) 10 Pokemon cards Raymond Ching Edward Ed Meador (SHIPPED)

450027 (1/31) 101 cards Houston Mercier Anthony Biviano Jason Fuller Marc Sonnabend Ben Helms Steve Thompson (SHIPPED)

450030 (1/31) 109 cards Sean Hawkins Austin Braunstein Archie Simpson Andrew Kleinman Gary Finley Andrew Hutch Eric Niemeyer (SHIPPED)

450573 (2/1) 14 Pokemon cards Robert Miller Anthony Campbell (SHIPPED)

450574 (2/1) 12 Pokemon cards Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

450587 (2/1) 130 cards Anthony Campbell (SHIPPED)

450625 (2/1) 16 Pokemon cards Eddie Clinton (SHIPPED)

450632 (2/1) 101 cards Cameron Mullineaux Charles Sobotka Erik Meltzer Jeff Lapallo Philip Knight Ricky Mangual Phil Probert Robert Miller (SHIPPED)

450641 (2/1) 11 Pokemon cards Chris Baker Joey (SHIPPED)

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