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If you are submitting 50 or more cards, choose this option and edit your quantity acording to the exact number of cards you are sending in. If you sub 100 or more cards, you will have a personal order, with nobody else's cards in your order. Wiping with a microfiber cloth is an extra 50 cents per card. All cards are video recorded and uploaded to a OneDrive folder, along with a screenshot of your payment. That folder is then sent to you via Facebook Messenger or email.

SGC Grading 50+ cards, solo regular order

  • Once your cards are graded and ready to send back, you will be notified with shipping payment and insurance information. 

  • Standard-sized, American-issued modern or vintage cards. Anything in size up to Exhibits, including Topps Giants and Tall Boys. Anything non-standard in size or larger than Exhibits will need a custom-cut insert so will not qualify for the group sub rate.

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