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Find your name and sgc order numbers below


We will upload the grades into the Grades folder after picking up the cards from SGC. The scans are uploaded to the Box folder by SGC sometime during/after Post Grading.

To make it easier to find your grades. I created a single folder with the PDFs of the invoices. This folder will be kept up to date, so if your order isn't in here yet, that means your cards haven't been returned yet. Grades will be posted here after your cards are picked up from SGC so that you can see you grades to determine return shipping insurance value.!AqkJ0OSqme5fpX3Kx3bMtmY8fNqr?e=Acu71v


For the Scans folder, it's highly recommended that you download the Box app first, then click on the link. More recent orders are in separate folders for each order, labeled with the order number. SGC will upload your scans here 2-3 days after your cards have moved to the Post Grading stage.

The dates shown below are when they were entered into SGC's system, normally the next business normally one business day after they're dropped off.  You'll be able to use the Order # to find your grades and scans in those folders.

421182 (12/2) 140 cards Brad Griffin (SHIPPED)

421185 (12/2) 101 cards James Shiflett Dave Szymusiak Jered Johnston Charles Sobotka Daniel Kuramoto Joshua Meisner Preston Hulgan Paul Roberts (SHIPPED)

421837 (12/5) 101 cards Paul Edward Amorde Robin Jones Nick Cameron Nicholas Windsor Brian Fish Felix Roman Ricky Mangual John Wareham Bob Cousineau Kyle Aldridge Noel Wrye Marc Sonnabend (SHIPPED)

421841 (12/5) 9 cards Sean Burke Noicholas Windsor (SHIPPED)

422950 (12/5) 11 cards Kenny Liao (SHIPPED)

423022 (12/6) 103 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED)

423069 (12/6) 48 cards Michael Kotary James Giuffrida Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

423073 (12/6) 101 cards Iran Buckler Jim Lebo Jose Salguero Charles Sobotka Gary Finley David Grogg Nick McMordie Anthony Biviano Randy Paulson Justin Justin James Dickerson Gregory Bickta Scott Moorehead Tim Bell (SHIPPED)

423088 (12/6) 105 cards Ray Aukes (SHIPPED)

423090 (12/6) 106 cards Paul Tortolini Wesley Hodge Shawn Powell Christopher Firth Douglas Aronstein Eric Wagenmaker Sean Burke Greg Kovolenko Michael Kotary Jason MacDonald James Giuffrida Dylan Rodas Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

423140 (12/6) 101 cards Hector Rivera Herb Watson Nicholas Leugers Jason Fujioka Jeff Lapallo Josh Bowersock Steven Grabowski Adam Gordon Matt Getridge (SHIPPED)

423587 (12/7) 4 cards Stephen Ramos Amado Flores (SHIPPED)

423610 (12/7) 102 cards Chris Riney Eric Drew John Siedel Kent Meier Andrew Kirby William Schull Stepehn Ramos Erik Bryant Eric Gentles Matt Shaver Shinichi Ishida David Truax Jeff Martynowicz Joseph McDonnell Raymond Ching Richard Garcia (SHIPPED)

423624 (12/7) 118 cards Porter Stiles (SHIPPED)

424041 (12/8) 101 cards Brett Erdmann Nick Weissfeld Charles Sobotka John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

424042 (12/8) 22 cards John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

424569 (12/9) 127 cards Chris Rotundo (SHIPPED)

424572 (12/9) 100 cards Tony Jones Eliot Deutsch Sean Burke Steve Brandwene John Francia Jeremiah Ahrens Jason Morgan Tony Fuentes (SHIPPED)

424585 (12/9) 103 cards Jason Reisdorfer (SHIPPED)

424608 (12/9) 27 cards Joseph Velasco (SHIPPED)

424616 (12/9) 24 cards Paul Cantone Jeff Lapaloo Billy Duke (SHIPPED)

424621 (12/9) 101 cards Jason Jason-Karen Shinall Michael Carson Jason Guerra Joe Velasco Donnie Marquart Billy Duke Jeff Lapallo William Bennett (SHIPPED)

424974 (12/12) Express order John Sprague (SHIPPED)

424977 (12/12) 100 cards Michael Berger Charles Sobotka Brett Schneider Colton Grindstaff John Perrotti Alex James Ken Brower Dominique Perrin James Parker (SHIPPED)

424993 (12/12) 15 cards Dominigue Dominique Perrin Anthony Griffith Sean Burke Charles Sobotka Jerry Diekmann Brock Roma (SHIPPED)

425001 (12/12) 103 cards Daniel Hearn (SHIPPED)

425016 (12/12) 101 cards John Stewart Marek Keram Daniel Kuramoto Brock Ruma Jeremy Montgomery Tim Dunstan Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

425023 (12/12) 100 cards Zachary Woodson Rick Inacio Steven Warner Anthony Griffith Dylan Rodas Todd March Joel Meyers (SHIPPED)

425366 (12/13) 103 cards Adrian Fong (SHIPPED)

426178 (12/13) 1 oversized Michael Donohue (SHIPPED)

426201 (12/13) 101 cards Brian Joyce Duke Puckett Kent Meier Richard O'Leary Ricky Mangual Michael Donohue Jerry Diekmann CJ Crow Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

426271 (12/13) Jose Cruz Jose Jorge Cruz Echevarria Steven Young Josh Collins Amado Flores (SHIPPED)

426267 (12/13) 101 cards Eric Drew Charles Sobotka Pete Hatcher Rick Inacio Jose Cruz Jose Jorge Cruz Echevarria David Cooper Paul Paul Edward Amorde Josh Collins Anthony Biviano Blake Upton Steven Young Mike Yeles (SHIPPED)

426328 (12/13) 100 cards Paul Allen Brian Cherry Robin Jones Paul Tortolini Ian Brown (SHIPPED)

426314 (12/13) 26 cards Nate Cleary Paul Allen (SHIPPED)

426349 (12/13) 100 cards Shawn Fuhrman Jay Kaplan John Francia Steve Lun Michael Pavlou Dylan Rodas Josh Shupe TJ Koerick (SHIPPED)

426805 (12/14) 105 cards Randy Paulson Ching Li Steve Franco Mike Burnett Eric Lipman Anthony Petrullo Richard Garcia (SHIPPED)

426807 (12/14) 106 cards Charles Sobotka Nathaniel Cleary Shawn Powell Justin Robb Hector Rivera Drew Levesque Marc Noel Jordan Reicher (SHIPPED)

426867 (12/14) 125 cards Ken Davis (SHIPPED)

427307 (12/15) 109 cards Ashish Jai Robin Jones Robert Miller Nick Taylor Bob Crouse Ricky Mangual Brian Wisz (SHIPPED)

427324 (12/15) 102 cards Jeff Lapallo Charles Sobotka Michael Kotary Robert Kelly Shane Dale Chris Thomas John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

427368 (12/15) 26 cards John Gehrig Michael Kotary Noel Correia Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

427920 (12/15) 100 cards Jennifer Leland Aaron Priddy Casey O'Brien Noel Correia John Siedel Chris Sowa Steven Torres Paul Edward Amorde (SHIPPED)

427942 (12/15) 141 cards Wesley Donovan (SHIPPED)

427945 (12/15) 4 cards Chris Sowa Josh Collins (SHIPPED)

428258 (12/19) 100 cards Bill Mosher Charles Sobotka Stephen Osiecki Ian Brown Rick Inacio Jose Jose Rolando Salguero Kent Meier (SHIPPED)

428276 (12/19) 101 cards John Perrotti John Ruzicka Dustin Sellers (SHIPPED)

428304 (12/19) 14 cards Adam Walker Chris Warner Nathan Reavis (SHIPPED)

428312 (12/19) 100 cards Charles Sobotka Adam Walker Chris Brown Daniel Telvock Nathan Reavis Mark Kalish Chris Warner John Garbroth Josh Collins Ray Schlissler (SHIPPED)

429351 (12/20) 34 cards Charles Sobotka John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

429410 (12/20) 30 cards Sean Burke Chrus Christopher Dwyer (SHIPPED)

429412 (12/20) 23 cards Dave Klocek Clay Hensley Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

429436 (12/20) 104 cards John Gehrig Ricky Mangual Steve Sternfeld Charles Dwyer Dave Szymusiak Jeff Martynowicz Zach Presnall Dave Klocek Corbin Zickefoose (SHIPPED)

429438 429439 (12/20) 283 cards Nathaniel Adams (SHIPPED)

429447 (12/20) 101 cards Matthew Zaabadick Charles Sobotka Paul Tortolini Jason Fuller Houston Mercier Chris Dwyer Nick Ottoy Jeremy Byers Shawn Hayes Chris Graham (SHIPPED)

429947 (12/21) 103 cards Justin Farber (SHIPPED)

430004 (12/21) 12 cards Kyle Rapoza Aaron Curtis Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

430005 (12/21) 10 cards Charles Sobotka Ryan Bugay Tony Jones (SHIPPED)

430006 (12/21) 100 cards Tyler Coleman Shawn Powell Matt Felumlee Bo Bowman Norman Jones Jeff Lapallo Michael Bochar Giles Parnell Clay Hensley Ed Edward Gaile (SHIPPED)

430008 (12/21) 101 cards Aaron Curtis Rick Inacio Jack Furney Jim Empero Ryan Bugay Kyle Rapoza Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

430049 (12/21) 42 cards Jim Empero Brandon Pelfrey Gary Finley Anthony Marocco (SHIPPED)

430423 (12/22) 100 cards Josh Fisher Anthony Marocco Shinichi Ishida Brandon Pelfrey Jim Empero Jeff Lapallo Chris Sowa Benjamin Szustak Douglas Maggiacomo (SHIPPED)

430427 (12/22) 24 cards Chris Sowa Adam Walker George Newbern (SHIPPED)

430452 (12/22) 103 cards Ashsh Jai Jeremiah Ahrens Cody Dietz Jaosn Wilson Ryan Steffen John Francia Jeff Lapallo John Walker Jameson Olive Josh Hall (SHIPPED)

430864 (12/22) 101 cards Charles Sobotka Nicholas Windsor Craig Orvieto Collin Josey Douglas Maggiacomo Michael Hollinger (SHIPPED)

430886 (12/22) 2 oversized cards Shep Buckman (SHIPPED)

430875 (12/22) 31 cards Charles Sobotka Craig Orvieto Michael Hollinger Nicholas Windsor (SHIPPED)

430897 (12/22) 51 cards Noel Wrye Shep Buckman (SHIPPED)

430948 (12/22) 67 cards Brock Ruma Matthew Shapanka Brad Kavetski Ricky Joyner Eric Paglione (SHIPPED)

430962 (12/23) 105 cards Charles Sobotka Patrick Ryan Brian Gee David Spinrad Ricky Joyner Brent Bonte Eric Paglione Brad Kavetski Eric Wagenmaker Eddie Clinton (SHIPPED)

432622 (12/29) 9 cards Brandon VonVolkenburgh DM Vock (SHIPPED)

432623 (12/29) 24 cards Rai Masuda Brandon Cliff Ryan Bugay Ezra Martin Jason Johnson Nick Cameron (SHIPPED)

432624 (12/29) 22 cards John Gehrig Ryan Joseph Josh Sisson (SHIPPED)

432625 (12/29) 100 cards Dan Zeigler Brad Baker James Parker (SHIPPED)

432626 (12/29) 100 cards Michael Parness John Francia DM Vock Ryan Joseph Josh Lawson Josh Sisson Paul Amorde Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

432627 (12/29) 101 cards Jason Fujioka Ezra Martin Ryan Bugay Rai Masuda Brandon Clift Nick Cameron Eric Dinnan Brandon Kee Anthony Biviano Scott Polin Brian Fish Ricky Mangual Bob Cousineau Charles Sobotka (SHIPPED)

433352 (12/29) 44 cards Jared Gaspard Josh Collins Jered Johnston Tony Jones Joseph Velasco Michael Kotary John Gehrig (SHIPPED)

433354 (12/29) 102 cards Brent Terrell (SHIPPED)

433355 (12/29) 138 cards Jason Morgan (SHIPPED)

433356 (12/29) 101 cards Jeremiah Clark Charles Sobotka Erik Bryant Rene Mahr Porter Stiles (SHIPPED)

434083 (12/30) 99 cards Ryan Pace Andy Doll Josh Collins Dylan DelMastro Tucker Logsdon Nick Ottoy Jose Jorge Cruz Echevarria Kenji Mukai Jason Lay Jo Car Nick Cameron Duke Puckett Pete Hatcher (SHIPPED)

434124 (12/30) 89 cards Justin Steel (SHIPPED)

434244 (12/30) 44 cards Jose Cruz Sean Burke Todd Caldwell Jo Car Tucker Logsdon (SHIPPED)

434302 (12/30) 101 cards Justin Steel Jason Johnson Trevor Kasden Thomas Biniek Amado Flores Mike Robinson Stephen Osiecki (SHIPPED)

434336 (12/30) 39 cards Chris Sowa Jake McLaughlin Shawn Donovan Cole Benz Thomas Biniek Jr. (SHIPPED)

434887 (01/02) 11 cards Steven Young (SHIPPED)

434888 (01/02) 89 cards Trevor Kasden (SHIPPED)

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